Marvel Future Fight Recovery Rate vs Max HP

Is MAX HP or Recovery Rate better?

Let’s say you are trying to build an obelisk to optimize a character or equip some urus and you can’t decide if you should go with Recovery Rate or Max HP.

As always, in order to change the numbers you need to make a copy. Fill in the blue numbers with the stats of you character and estimate the length of the battles you will be using them in. It does not consider characters with revives, or characters with multiple heals (although you can try to estimate those).

To sum it up, it comes down to a few things:

  • The % HP Recovery of the proc
  • The Cooldown and Activation rate of the proc
  • The duration of the battle in which you will be using them
  • The character’s base HP (but only slightly)
  • Recovery Rate Multiplier *


Similar to DPS, it mainly comes down to HP healed per second, or HPHPS, and battle duration as compared to your Max HP of a character. You want to choose the option that gives you the most total HP (healing + starting HP) when the fight is over.

It will depend on how many heals you will have in a particular battle. So when building a character you need to try to figure out how many times your heal will proc in a particular fight. Some have 30 second cooldowns so if you use them in battles that last less than a minute they will only proc once.

Cooldowns and Activation Procs

When trying to figure out HPHPS you first need to think about the cooldown and activation rate of a Max HP recovery proc. Some characters like Iron Fist and Satana have 30 second cooldowns on their heals so if you use them in battles that last less than a minute they may only proc once. Some have shorter cooldowns but don’t proc until the character is already low in HP. Some proc a lot more often. Characters like Gwenpool, Mantis, and Wolverine have a guaranteed proc once their HP reaches a certain threshold. Others have a fairly low HP threshold or only have a percentage to activate on getting hit or attacking. So those characters cooldowns will be even lower than it states in the skill description. These all factor into your total healing.

Battle Duration

When properly building a character you always want to keep in mind where you will be using them most. Some AC and TL battles might only last for 10-15 seconds while ABX, WBU, and SL can last up to 3 minutes. So if you’re only building for AC you will want a different build than someone who is building for SL.


Max HP

First of all, without even regarding any healing I will use Max HP obelisks on all characters that have multiple lives. You basically get double your money’s worth.

Recovery Rate obelisks in general will have a higher HPHPS, but if the total amount of HP healed in a battle is less than the additional HP you get from a Max HP obelisk, than the Recovery Rate is less ideal.

Let’s look at Iron Fist for instance. He only has a 10% heal every 30 seconds that doesn’t even activate until he has less than 30% HP. In a typical World Boss fight it might only proc once or twice. So he has a very low HPHPS and the additional healing he would get from a Recovery Rate obelisk in even a 3 minute battle is much less than the extra HP he would get with a Max HP obelisk. Therefore, go with a Max HP obelisk.

Recovery Rate

Now let’s look at Wolverine. His HPHPS is the best in the game and if you really want to maximize it you should go with a Recovery Rate obelisk. Now, there may be an argument for Max HP since it makes him slightly tougher to burst down and a lot of his healing gets wasted if he has higher HP, but a Recovery Rate obelisk will give him around 1.25 times more HPHPS and over the course of a 60 second battle he will heal around 20,000 HP more than using a Max HP obelisk (that’s almost a full life). So if you are only concerned with PvP you may prefer Max HP, but if you want to use him to plow through chapter 12 missions and/or a lot of invincibility to keep him alive longer Recovery Rate is your best option.

Recovery Rate Multiplier * (Updated)

There is actually a hidden recovery rate multiplier on many characters. This allows you to get slightly more bang for your buck when using RR vs. Max HP. These are all listed in the Multipliers tab on the spreadsheet.


I’m not going to get into this very deep, if you want to play with the numbers you can check out the spreadsheet. But basically Recovery Rate urus are never better than Max HP urus. You will get a higher HPHPS with a Max HP uru AND your character will have more endurance than with a Recovery Rate uru. I would only use Recovery Rate urus if you already have 8 Max HP urus equipped and you want even more recovery.


Max HP is usually better for PvP, and characters with smaller heals. Unless you have a double recovery rate, for shorter cooldowns that is sometimes better.

Recovery Rate is better for longer fights and characters with more healing.

Characters that revive always go with Max HP. The only questionable one is Dormammu, if you use him for clearing story missions either one would work.

Max HP urus are always better than Recovery Rate urus.

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