Tier 3 Guide on Marvel Future Fight

Here is small Tier 3 Guide in Marvel Future Fight. May be it can help for players who are still confused about how to upgrade heroes to a higher level or Tier.


Tier-3 Advancemen or simply T3 is the next level of ‘promotion’ after Tier 2. So a hero who is still T1 will not be able to jump directly to T3, must pass T2 first.

Now the conditions for T3: Max Gear (Gear level 25), and max level (70). So it’s the same as the requirements if we want to upgrade from T1 to T2. 

If you can already raise the rank of this hero to T3, then the hero will get new active skills.

So far the t3 has only been applied to the most popular characters and to their main original creations. let’s look at them:

  • Cap America (MCU Leader)
  • Iron Man (MCU Leader)
  • Spider-Man (most popular marvel character.
  • Thor (MCU Leader)
  • Black Panther (Solo MCU movie, an extreme boost in popularity)
  • Ant-Man (Solo MCU movie, an extreme boost in popularity)
  • Deadpool (one of the most popular Marvel character and easily most requested)
  • Magneto (arguably most famous marvel villain)
  • ShaRog (premier original char)
  • Luna Snow (premier original char)
  • Mr Fantastic (one of the most popular marvel chars and very highly requested)
  • Captain Marvel (Solo MCU movie, extreme boost in popularity)

Note – Above List might might not be upto date


If you pay attention to the menu of each hero, at the bottom right there is the words “Realize Potential” with a progress bar until 100%.

To Raise your Character to Level 70, you need to increase the potential level of your character. You can get your character’s potential by fighting WB/WBU to 100%. For each battle, this is earned randomly. You can get 4% or 12.5% or 35.7% or even 100%! Your characters just need to be in the team to gain potential points. Once your character’s potential, this step is no longer needed.

Enhance Potential

If we have opened “Potential”, then we can increase the level of each hero first by “Enhance Potential”. Increase the level limit gradually, first to level 62, continue to 64, and so on until level 70.

You will need to raise their level cap and enhance their potential levels. Requirements are in the tables below.

Potential LevelCharacters Max LevelGears Max Level100% Materials Needed (BAM)100% Materials Needed (CNS)100% Materials Needed (Cosmic Cube Fragments)Gold Needed
26221276 BAM231 CNS50 CCF500,000
36422553 BAM461 CNS100 CCF1,000,000
46623827 BAM690 CNS151 CCF1,500,000
568241,667 BAM1,389 CNS301 CCF3,000,000
670252,223 BAM1,852 CNS400 CCF4,000,000
4,623 CNS4,623 CNS1,002 CCF10,000,000

Source – Reddit

If you don’t want to gambling, please fill in the mats until the success rate reaches 100%, so it will definitely work. Make the amount of each mats until 100% can be seen in the table. If you want gambling, there are some additional things:

  • Gambling with less than 100% success means that the number of mats used is less
  • When we gamble and fail, then half of the% of success that fails will be taken to the next experiment. For example I tried 1 gambling 40%, it failed. The second trial gambling 60%, plus half of the previous (20%) so a total of 80%
  • Make sure if you want gambling, don’t try more than 50%, because it’s a waste of mats and it doesn’t necessarily work. So the choice is between gambling 50% or 100% directly (except if you use the trick below)
  • Tips for gambling: Use% success Trial 1: 50% -> Trial 2: 75%. If the first attempt fails, half of experiment 1 that is 25% will be added to the second experiment, so the second trial will get a total of 100%

Level Up & Gear Up

After reaching the level limit, later Potential Enhance again, continue to raise the level again and so on. To level up from 60 to 70 you can’t use EXP Chip, but you have to use Biometric / X-Gene.

The amount of Bio / X-Gene needed can be seen in the table below. Don’t forget to also raise the level gear for each hero whose level limit has gone up.

The gear can be increased to a maximum of level 25. For raising gear using BAM with new material, so no longer using bio.

Tier-3 Advancement

If you have Level 70 and maximum gear level, you can then upgrade heroes to T3. Already explained before that if you have a new Captain America T3, the rest will definitely follow. The number of mats for T3 can be seen in the picture.

Important Notes :

  • T1 heroes will also not be able to increase the % Realize Potential. So it’s useless to bring T1. you must make T2 first and then be able to raise the Realize Potential.
  • Progress % Realize Potential Native T2 heroes DO NOT BACK if the build is not maximum yet. So it must be level 60, full mastery, and gear level 20, then the% Realize Potential will go up if taken to WB.
  • Mats for T3 can only be obtained through WBU.

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