Marvel Future Fight Uru Guide 2020

What are Uru?

Welcome my fellow MFF brethren to a hopefully entertaining and simple guide to the mysterious system of Urus. So, let us begin at the beginning. Urus are little nuggets that customize your characters. Urus comes in a variety of Types: energy attack, physical attack, ignore defense, attack speed, critical rate, etc. But that is not all, they can be of various ranks of strength (normal to mythical). So, they are like crack rocks for your character and allow for fun customization and better builds.

How do I find Uru?

where can I get some Uru? Well, you could see that shady dude with the big trench coat, but it may be easier if you farm those Asgardian Story Mission Chapters. Check out the below table to help you get all your favorite flavors of Uru is available on which stage.

Uru Mission(s) Norn Type
Energy Attack 12-8 Blue
Physical Attack 12-7 Red
Skill CD Reduction 12-1 Blue
Ignore Defense 12-6 Red
Attack Speed 11-3, 11-7 Red
Critical Damage 12-3 Green
Critical Rate 12-2 Green
Dodge 12-4 Green
Recovery Rate 12-5 Purple
HP 11-4, 11-8 Purple
Energy Defense 11-1, 11-5 Blue
Physical Defense 11-2, 11-6 Red

How do I equip Uru?

you don’t see any Uru tab in the character sheet?!?!? Well, uru’s are like a whole new level of gear customization. So, first select a gear piece, and then you will see a wheel with 5 circles. Under there is a equip uru spot. “But wait man, I don’t see it you lie!!” Now is probably a good time to explain, that Uru system is designed for end-game customization. So to be able to equip one you need to be shield level 60 and the gear must be maxed level (+20). To equip uru in all slots requires shield level 70. Just to see the menu, the gear must be +15. “But I just started, and I want to play with uru-crack!” Yell at net marble… but in all seriousness, this is a very costly endeavor as you will soon see, so it is probably best to wait anyhow. Oh, and read up on amplification of Uru slots before equipping anything, because there is just so much to know, ya’know?

Uru Stats by Tier

Uru-crack comes in various tiers, the higher the tier the greater the values. Check it out.

Uru Normal Uncommon Rare Heroic Legendary Mythical
Energy Attack 15 23 33 51 68 82
Physical Attack 15 23 33 51 68 82
Skill CD Reduction 35 52 74 115 152 185
Ignore Defense 35 52 74 115 152 185
Attack Speed 35 52 74 115 152 185
Critical Damage 35 52 74 115 152 185
Critical Rate 35 52 74 115 152 185
Dodge 35 52 74 115 152 185
Recovery Rate 35 52 74 115 152 185
HP 51 77 110 171 226 274
Energy Defense 12 19 29 46 62 79
Physical Defense 12 19 29 46 62 79

How do I upgrade Uru?

So, the short answer is with gold, lots and lots of gold. The more complete answer is with gold, specific Uru desired, Unrefined Uru (UU), gear up kits (GUK), dimension debris (DD), and norn stones (red, green, blue, or purple-see first table). The quantities of resources vary depending on current uru tier. However, what net marble doesn’t tell you about it is the FAILURE rate. Yup, you heard me, you can fail at life and now you can fail at Uru. AND, the higher you go, the higher the failure rate. Oh, and the best part, if you fail you lose your developed urus and upgrade materials! Yay, more resource loss!

Upgrading Costs

Tier Uru UU GUK DD Norn Gold
Normal 1 1 3 2 2 10,000
Uncommon 1 1 4 3 2 12,000
Rare 1 2 6 4 3 15,000
Heroic 1 2 8 5 3 17,000
Legendary 1 3 10 8 5 20,000
Mythical !

Success/Failure Rates

As I mentioned earlier, the higher you go the higher the failure rate.

Tier to Tier Success Failure
Normal to Uncommon 90% 10%
Uncommon to Rare 85% 15%
Rare to Heroic 75% 25%
Heroic to Legendary 50% 50%
Legendary to Mythical 15% 85%

Uru Amplification

So, now that you have all your Uru slots filled with your shiny Uru-crack, you can make your high higher! Uru amplification augments the Uru slots themselves on a gear piece, for another bonus! Essentially, each amplified Uru slots adds another ~130% of the equipped Uru’s value. For example, you have a mythical physical attack Uru equipped in an amplified Uru slot, you get an added bonus of +110 on top of the +82 to your physical attack, for a grand total of +192 physical attack bonus for just that one slot. Recall that all your slots need to be filled to amplify, which means only shield lvl 70 junkies can get this high. Ok, so look at my handy dandy table showing amplification values for mythical and legendary tiers.

Note: I have verified most of the values in game from this data-mined spreadsheet by /u/skyzvengeance, so I think it is safe to assume that it is all correct as well.

Stat Heroic Amplification Total Legendary Amplification Total Mythical Amplification Total
Energy Attack 51 68 119 68 90 158 82 110 192
Physical Attack 51 68 119 68 90 158 82 110 192
Skill CD Reduction 115 153 268 152 203 355 185 246 431
Ignore Defense 115 153 268 152 203 355 185 246 431
Attack Speed 115 153 268 152 203 355 185 246 431
Critical Damage 115 153 268 152 203 355 185 246 431
Critical Rate 115 153 268 152 203 355 185 246 431
Dodge 115 153 268 152 203 355 185 246 431
Recovery Rate 115 153 268 152 203 355 185 246 431
HP 171 240 411 226 317 543 274 385 659
Physical Defense 46 61 107 62 83 145 79 105 184
Energy Defense 46 61 107 62 83 145 79 105 184

Uru-slot amplification is an RNG based process because you know you want more RNG slot machine of misfortune. You pay 30,000 per shot at getting all your slots on a gear amplified. Also, you need to have your Uru slots filled to be eligible for amplification. Yup, that’s right, you can drop all kinds of mad cash amplifying all those hard earned Uru’s.

TIP: If you are not going for broke, with all legendary Urus with fully amplified gear slots, you can get tricksy to best use your precious chosen Urus. Before, amplifying your Urus slots, equip normal Urus that you don’t care about (likely random defense Uru) and roll until you get the desired amplified slot number for your ranked up Urus, and then equip the chosen Urus in those amplified slots.

What Uru should I use/farm?

everything that is tweaking your character, there are no hard and fast rules because you will have ISOs, gear selections, cards, alliance bonuses, and obelisks all enhancing your character. However, there are some general guidelines for Uru use, but I would refer to up-to-date character guides for character-specific Uru recommendations.

General Guidelines/Considerations
  • Attack Urus specific to the characters type

  • Make sure you are Skill Cooldown capped

  • Make sure you are Ignore Defense capped

  • Consider animations and iframes to determine if attack speed would be useful or detrimental

  • Consider character natural crit/crit damage capabilities and maximize effect

  • Consider characters healing and hp scenario and maximize effect

  • Consider characters specific mechanics and see if it can be enhanced with Urus

Original Guide Posted by u/Valurion on Reddit

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