Marvel Future Fight X-men Epic Quest List & Guide 2020

Hi Folk, If you are new to the Marvel Future Fight Game then you must have seen the Marvel X-man Epic quest and want to recruit some of the most well-known mutants like Wolverine to join your Team. And then use the new daily mission rewards selector to grab extra M’kraan Shards to increase the mastery of your new mutant Heroes.

This Guide will Help you to find List of All quest with Rewards and requirement so that you can plan your activity accordingly.

Xmen Epic Quest

Note: Since some of these quests require doing things with daily limits, So Make sure to see your quest list before starting any activities. so that you can see how far you can progress that day. If you do any missions in-game prematurely, you might hinder your advancement by accident.

RISE OF THE X-MEN : All Epic Quest List

No.NameQuestRewardDeluxe Reward
1Hero’s Rage[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 StagesWolverine Level 10X-Gene: Magneto x20
2Familiar Enemy[RESEARCH] Research Broken Robot Debris #1Wolverine Level 15M’kraan Shard x40
3Enemy Territory[DAILY MISSION] Clear 1 StageWolverine Level 20X-Gene: Magneto x20
4Royal Consent[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear Homecoming once200,000 Gold300,000 Gold
5Inhuman Alliance[RESEARCH] Research Broken Robot Debris #2Wolverine 2 Advancement150 Crystals
6Going Rogue[TRACKING] Clear Going Rogue onceX-Gene: Rogue x10X-Gene: Magneto x20
7First AidRank Up Rogue to 3★50 EnergyM’kraan Shard x40
8Pursuing Maximus[VILLAIN SIEGE] Clear a stage200,000 GoldX-Gene: Magneto x20
9Endless Pursuit[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 StagesWolverine 1★ Mastery300,000 Gold
10Friends and Enemies[TRACKING] Clear Friends And Enemies once(*Wolverine must be used.)Dimension Debris x200150 Crystals
11Doctoral Research[RESEARCH] Research Regeneration Device #1X-Gene: Beast x10X-Gene: Magneto x20
12Healed BeastRank Up Beast to 3★200,000 GoldM’kraan Shardx40
13Lost Traces[DIMENSION RIFT] Clear a stage onceNorn Stone of Strength x200X-Gene:Magneto x20
14Request for Help[RESEARCH] Research Mind Resistance Device #150 EnergyM’kraan Shard x40
15Fly in Style[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 Stages200.000 Gold150 Crystals
16Noises of the Jungle[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear Jungle Boogie onceDimension Chest: 6 ISO-8X-Gene:Magneto x20
17Audience with the King[TIMELINE BATTLE] Participate 3 timesWolverine Level 25M’kraan Shard x40
18Raging Storm[TRACKING] Clear Weathering The Storm once(*Wolverine must be used.)200,000 GoldX-Gene: Magneto x20
19Nature’s Wrath[DAILY MISSION] Clear 2 StagesWolverine 3 Advancement300,000 Gold
20Urgent Rescue[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 StagesWolverine 2★ Mastery150 Crystals
21Ancient Magic[ISO-8] Enhance onceX-Gene: Storm x10X-Gene: Magneto x20
22Hoping for a RecoveryRank Up Storm to 3★200,000 GoldM’kraan Shard x40
23City of the Dead[TRACKING] Clear Weathering The Storm 2 times(*Wolverine must be used.)100 Norn Stone of ChaosX-Gene: Magneto x20
24Book of Reapers[RESEARCH] Research Book of Reapers #1Wolverine Level 30300,000 Gold
25Dancing Spirits[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear 3 StagesX-Gene: Storm x20150 Crystals
26Self-sacrificeRank Up Storm to 5★200,000 GoldX-Gene: Magneto x20
27After the Storm[VILLAIN SIEGE] Clear 2 stagesWolverine Level 35M’kraan Shard x40
28The Search of Wakanda[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear Jungle Boogie onceWolverine 4★ AdvancementX-Gene: Magneto x20
29Magneto’s Revenge[TRACKING] Clear Friends and Enemies 2 times(*Wolverine must be used.)X-Gene: Rogue x20M’Kraan Shard x40
30An Unfavorable SituationRank up Rogue to 5★Rank 1 Black Anti-Matter x200150 Crystals
31An Unexpected Development[RESEARCH] Research Broken Robot Debris #3Wolverine 3★ MasteryMagneto X-Genes x20
32King’s Advice[DIMENSION RIFT] Clear 3 stagesWolverine Level. 40300,000 gold
33Stolen Vibranium[TIMELINE BATTLE] Win 3 times200,000 goldX-Gene: Magneto x20
34Semimetal[STORY MISSION] Clear 5 stagesWolverine Level 45M’kraan shard x40
35The Sub-Zero Search[DAILY MISSION] Clear 2 timesISO-8 6 Chest x1150 Crystals
36Blindsided![TRACKING] Clear Blindsided onceX-Gene: Cyclops x10X-Gene: Magneto x20
37Fallen SummersRank up Cyclops to 3★200,000 goldM’kraan shard x40
38The Difficult Search[VILLAIN SIEGE] 2 Successful completionsWolverine 5★ Rank UpX-Gene: Magneto x20
39Heading to Attlian[STORY MISSIONS] Clear 5 StagesWolverine 4★ Mastery300,000 gold
40Problem Solved[TRACKING] Clear Friends and Enemies 3 times(*Wolverine must be used.)M’kraan shard x200150 Crystals
41Beginning The Research[RESEARCH] Research Mental Resistance #2X-Gene: Beast x20X-Gene: Magneto x20
42Burning Desire For KnowledgeRank up Beast to 5★200,000 goldM’kraan shard x40
43Homeworld[TRACKING] Clear Going Rogue 3 times(*Wolverine must be used.)Wolverine Level 50X-Gene: Magneto x20
44Mansion Mayhem[TRACKING] Clear Weather The Storm 3 times(*Wolverine must be used.)X-Gene: Cyclops x20M’kraan shard x40
45The Road To SchoolRank up Cyclops to 5★Rank 1 BAM x200150 Crystals
46Mental Anguish[RESEARCH] Research Cerebro #1Wolverine level 55X-Gene: Magneto x20
47Final Location[DAILY MISSION] Clear 2 StageDIMENSION CHEST: 6★ ISO-8400,000 gold
48Searching for Terrigen[TRACKING] Clear Blindsided! 2 timesWolverine 5★ MasteryM’kraan shard x50
49Magneto’s Might[VEILED SECRET] Clear Magneto’s Might once(*Wolverine must be used.)M’kraan Crystal x100150 Crystals
50Cannot target[RESEARCH] Research Mental Resistance #3Wolverine 6★ Rank upM’kraan shard x50
51Grey’s Problem[VEILED SECRET] Clear Magneto’s Might once(*Wolverine must be used.)Phoenix Feather x100X-Gene: Magneto x20
52Weakened[RESEARCH] Research Regeneration Device #2Wolverine 6★ Mastery400,000 gold
53Phoenix Rising[VEILED SECRET] Clear Rise of the Phoenix once (*Wolverine must be used.)Clear Ticket x100M’kraan shard x50
54The Phoenix’s Warning[EPIC QUEST] All Stories CompleteWolverine level 60400,000 gold

**NOTE: Acquiring the Deluxe package while already having cleared through parts of the X-Men Epic Quest, will grant you the rewards for the previous quests completed also. So basically you can buy a deluxe package anytime and you will get all the rewards.

Research Name and Resources Requirement

ResearchResources Needed
Broken Robot Debris #1100 Dimension Debris
Broken Robot Debris #2100 Norn Stone of Strength
Regeneration Device #11000 Dimension Debris
Mind Resistance Device #11000 Norn Stone of Strength
Book of Reapers #1800 Norn Stone of Chaos
Broken Robot Debris5 Rank 4 Black Anti-Matter
Mind Resistance Device #21000 M’kraan Shard
Cerebro3 Rank 6 Black Anti-Matter
Mind Resistance Device #31000 M’kraan Crystal
Regeneration Device #21000 Phoenix Feather